De Pullenhof is sold and from April 1st, 2019 new owners will garden here. They have decided to temporarily close the garden for groups. The garden can be visited on ‘Open Gardendays’. The first one is on February 17th. Open 11.00-16.00 hrs, entrance free. For more information about the opening times of the garden, click here.

We hope to start a new and challenging garden project soon, somewhere else in the Netherlands. We will keep you informed of our whereabouts!

About the garden
The initial design of the De Pullenhof was made in 1994 by Henk Gerritsen (1948-2008), one of the pioneers of the Dutch Wave or New Perrenial Movement.

Dutch garden designers Henk Gerritsen, Piet Oudolf and Ton ter Linden simultaneously started gardening in a naturalistic way in the early eighties of the 20th century. Henk’s work is defenitely inspired by his strong ecological views. 

When we first visited Henk’s garden Priona tuinen we immediately fell for his vision and the way he put it into practice. His gardens have formal foundations with plants waving through each other in a lush and informal way, in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Although his design for our garden has been altered over the years, we are still gardening in the spirit of Henk and we are enthusiastic ambassadors of his naturalistic approach. The startingpoint is: how to show the beauty of nature in a creative way,  considering local conditions? Garden historian Leo den Dulk puts it this way: ‘They wanted gardens. No  gardenroom as an extension to the house, no outdoor kitchen or sterile prestige object to show off, but gardens in collaboration with nature.’ 

To collaborate with nature means our garden is not a weedfree carpet. No nettles, no butterflies!

Chelinda Project Malawi
Entrance to De Pullenhof is free during Opening Days. However, we highly appreciate a  donation to educational projects in Malawi. Chelinda is small scale project in the remote north of Malawi which aims to start a local playschool and village bakery, as well as to improve the conditions of the local primary school and building a school hall in the village . We donate all proceeds of group visits to this great initiative and we support a student of Hospitality Management by contributing in his university fees.

making the site ready for construction
making the site ready for construction

The number of visitors to De Pullenhof is growing! In 2015 we could support the Chelinda Project with a gift of € 350. In 2016 we could transfer € 1250. And the total amount for 2017 is € 1600! Due to the hot en dry summer of 2018, the number of visitors declined, but we still received € 855 for the educational support of our student. Thank you all for your contributions!

For more information on the projects, please send an e-mail to